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June 2020 Newsletter

By penelopemcgufficke | June 25, 2020


By penelopemcgufficke | June 21, 2020

GET TO KNOW THE CO-OP Co-ops have been around for a long time. Many co-ops trace their origin back to a food co-op store started in 1844 in the town of Rochdale by 28 workers who were tired of having to buy their goods at high prices that delivered a profit to wealthy shop owners.…


By penelopemcgufficke | June 21, 2020

IS ORGANIC BETTER? Short answer? Yes. Organic flour has a few different benefits but basically you ingest chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides when you eat non-organic flour and when you use chemicals on crops, there is residual chemicals that run off the soil into creeks and river systems, causing widespread pollution and soil degradation. Want…