All aboard to help us move

The co-op train is about to leave the Railway Station – we finish up our lease on the 16th of September.

So we’re gathering up here a list of jobs that need doing. Could you shout out if you can lend a hand?

  • We need someone to spend an hour or so making peanut butter and putting it into labelled jars, so that we can sell the last of it
  • Someone to find us a storage option in Beechworth – we have shelves, bulk food bins and a fridge that we’ll keep for future iterations of the co-op – where can we house them? We have a couple of people you could ring tis ask, but also like you to find a few more ideas.
  • Ongoing shifts – we really want to sell all the food that we have in stock, so it is important that we can open the Hub on Fridays and Saturdays.


If you can help, please email [email protected]