COVID-19 and the Co-Op

These are indeed challenging and confusing times for the world right now. As we reflect on a new way of living for the immediate future, connection to community and access to sustainable and reliable food has never been so important.

The health and safety of the community are most important to us, in which preventative measures like social distancing and strict hygiene protocols are key. It's is also important that the Co-op remains able to continue operations so that we can deliver local, quality, sustainable food to you. As a result the Co-Op has now moved to online ordering, where we offer the our full range of bulk and fresh product.

We would like to shout out to the local growers and suppliers in our region. We feel safe and secure because of you and we are so grateful that our 'patch' has the ability to support us so well. Continue your great work and we will continue to support you.

Beechworth Food Co-op is a member-owned and operated community initiative,
allowing members access to healthy, sustainable whole food.

At our humble shop in Beechworth we aim to provide sustainable, local organic and minimally packaged food at affordable prices.


New members welcome!

What is a Co-Cop?


Better quality food direct from wholesalers & producers

Reduced packaging & food miles

Save time, money & distance travelled to obtain food

Contribute to the resilience of our community by building and encouraging local food security

Meet other like-minded people and share knowledge about local foods, markets, recipes and other food-related activities

Reduce reliance on the big supermarkets

Silvercreek Sourdough


2020 Membership

RAD Growers

A day of backyard gardening inspiration

Date to be rescheduled. 

Some of Beechworth’s most inspiring backyard veggie gardens & fruit orchards open to the public. Meander from patch to patch, gather a clutch of knowledge, galvanise your green thumb & be inspired once again to grow your own food.