Did you know that around 40% of the average household rubbish bin is avoidable food waste? Food that was bought and prepared with the intention of being eaten but wasn’t consumed?


Did you know that Australian contribute 660 thousand tons of plastic into landfills every year?


Did you know that in Australia we throw out over 500,000 tons of textiles into landfills every year?


They are frightening numbers and we all must do our bit to cut down waste. 

Here at the Co-op, we aim to support people in reducing waste through bulk buy food and groceries; here are some tips and resources to help start you on a journey to no waste.


Staples from Scratch - from the Sustainable Table

Our grandmothers lived in an age when households baked their own bread, whipped up their own jams and pickled and preserved excess produce to ensure nothing was wasted. This booklet is about reintroducing these skills into your home and connecting you with local food initiatives so that you can play a positive role in creating a fair and ethical food system for all

eating guide for vic
A Guide to Produce Seasonally Available in Victoria & Australia

A ‘cut + keep’ seasonal produce guide for Australia. It’s the perfect size to store in your wallet!