Aquila_Advert_small “A day of Permaculture conversation with Lou Bull”  

Lou is a wonderfully knowledgeable permaculture expert and the creator of the most beautiful perennial garden calendar these will be on sale in the co op and Lou will be available to talk to you about any permie curiosities you’ve ever wanted to know. Endless pots of tea and morning tea cakes to fuel the conversation.

Date: Saturday 30 July
Time: 10am – 12noon
Location: Beechworth Food Co-Op, Boilerhouse Lane
Free to attend

Lou Bull has combined her love of gardening, food growing, local biodiversity and belief in communities and the skills held within them in her “Aquila Garden Guide”. The beautiful illustrations by local Table Top artist Will Pleydon, aim to capture something significant for each month in our local gardens whilst the information guides what jobs or activities you can do. ” the design philosophies of Permaculture sit behind this garden guide – both in the process of designing and creating the product to the end use by gardeners” says Lou ” if you ask me what it is that I could do all day it is either working in our garden or talking about it with others – I love hearing how others grow, eat or nurture their gardens.  I hope that this garden guide captures this and is enjoyed on everyones walls”