Education is part of the legacy we wish to leave behind for future generations. Co-operatives can only function if members understand the theory and practice of co-operatives, education as both a value and a practice is vital!


We are passionate about teaching our members and the community about natural food, the importance of environmentally sound agriculture and food production, and supporting local producers. Food Co-Ops can play an important part in solving some of the tricky problems the world now faces when trying to feed a growing population under the cloud of environmental changes and economic uncertainty.  

We share a vision of people helping themselves and their community by working together, guided by key Co-Op principles [ABOUT]. As well as educating our members about the co-operative itself, we believe in investing for the future by raising member and community awareness about what is going on in the world and how the Co-Op can make a difference.


Education begins at a simple level, with the Co-Op initially serving as a means of introducing people to the organisation and raising public awareness about its objectives and ethos.

We will engage and educate with a focus on topics like nutrition, consumerism, food policy, buying local and the environment through regular Co-Op events, online and via our Facebook page and in store.

By broadening knowledge and awareness of key issues, we can better serve our community and contribute to making our world a better place.

Stay tuned for more information on Beechworth Food Co-Op Education, including:

  • School education programs
  • Community engagement
  • Events & forums